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Main features

- Handmade graphics and animations

- Atmospheric music

- 5 different kinds of enemies

- Endless horror-themed fun

Necronomicon Pages

In America in the 1920s, the world of horror is absolutely ruled by Lovecraft's stories, full of terrifying creatures from his nightmares and mentions of the Necronomicon- a lost grimoire , which foreshadows the return of an intelligent race from another dimension and most notably the awakening of the most dangerous of them.

Unfortunately the nightmares turn out to be something more, and Necronomicon itself not only doesn't belong to the world of fiction, but may be used to destroy the real world. Unexpectedly Howard becomes the hero of the darkest story that he could ever imagine. And he's the only one who can find Necronomicon and prevent the apocalypse.

To achieve that he must set off on a journey during which he will have to collect the ritual artifacts and simultaneously run away from the beings that want to stop him. And only sometimes those will be human. Lovecraft Escape is gothic entertainment like no other, a classic multi-level runner in which every chapter is a endless distinct realm based on the stories by the master of horror from Providence.

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